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Lube One Oil Change Center completed at your convenience In Katy, Tx

Oil is the essence of an engine truck; it provides lubrication for parts to move smoothly and prevent friction that can lead to overheating. Oil changes are an essential aspect for the engine, giving it power to last longer and be more dependable on the road.


Here are some factors to determine your next oil change:

-Driving environment; what type of road you are driving on.

-Age of the vehicle; an older truck with a lot of miles on it will require more frequent oil changes.

-Oil quality; at 18 WHEELERS LUBE ONE – Truck Oil Change Service you will find top of the line products for your truck. Relying on poor quality oil will put your truck at risk for damage, damage that can be easily prevented.

-Mileage; 10,000 to 15,000 miles, that is the average lifespan of an oil change.

Our goal is to prevent future costly repairs, unexpected breakdowns, and damage to the truck’s engine. All these things that can be avoided with our specialized mechanics at 18 Wheelers Lube One.

Tire Check Truck & Semi Truck


Making every mile safer with every tire check.

The wearing down of tiers is inevitable with the constant travel this industry requires. Huge factors such as weather or the weight in which you are hauling can further accelerate the withering of your tires.

At 18 WHEELERS LUBE ONE – Truck Oil Change Service we want to make sure your tires are in top shape for the ever-changing conditions of weather and roads. The summer heat is the leading cause for a tire blow out, we want to make sure your tires are in the correct pressure to get you out safely on the roads. Not only is it going to keep you safe on the road but also avoid citations, improve gas mileage and help your tires last longer.

Semi Truck Grease


Smoother drive no matter the destination.

A proper grease job allows the brake system to be balanced making the sole component that connects the tractor to the trailer stable and at prime condition. At 18 WHEELERS LUBE ONE – Truck Oil Change Service we want to make sure you do not leave without the proper inspection from our trustworthy specialist.

Truck & Semi Truck Air filters


Top performing engine.

Harmful pollutants can find their way into the air flow of your trucks, causing a low performing truck that has the risk of overheating. Monitoring the functionality of your air filter will make for a smoother ride without the risk of overconsumption of fuel from an inadequate air filter. Something as simple as an unusual sound or even a peculiar odor of gasoline will be a direct symptom for a faulty air filter, Here at 18 WHEELERS LUBE ONE – Truck Oil Change Service we want to make sure it is fully checked on before your next job.

Mobile Truck & Semi Truck Oil Change Service


At 18 WHEELERS LUBE ONE – Truck Oil Change Service we want to work at your convenience. Our goal is to make it easier on you and from the comfort of your preference location. We want to come to you and as part of 18 Wheelers Lube One warranty you our best products and services. Our road service is equipped with the right equipment to performed at our best. With just a phone call our team is available to complete your request.

Semi Truck Repair

Semi Truck Repair Service:


Don’t let mechanical issues with your semi truck slow down your business. Our semi truck repair service in Katy, Texas is here to keep your vehicle running smoothly and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Our expert mechanics are experienced in repairing all types of semi trucks, from routine maintenance to major repairs. We understand that your truck is your livelihood, which is why we offer fast and reliable service at an affordable price. Trust us to keep your semi truck in top condition and keep your business moving forward. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment and experience the difference our expert repair service can make for you.


✔ Semi Truck Repair
✔ Diesel Mechanic
✔ Radiator Change
✔ Transmission Clutch Replacement
✔ All Engine Leaks Repair
✔ Front Cover Seal Repair
✔ Valve Adjustments
✔ Brake Replacement
✔ Computer Diagnostics
✔ Apu Full Pm Service
✔ Chamber Replacement
✔ Wheel Seal Change
✔ Air Leak Repair
✔ Airbags Replacement




Help keep the performance of your truck at maximum capability by changing you trucks oil with 18 wheelers lubeone. We will optimize the performance with our top quality maintenance, while keeping in mind the accessibility of your schedule.



18 WHEELERS LUBE ONE – Truck Oil Change Service drains the worne oil and replaces it top quality fluids from relabel brands you know and trust



Differentials cooprate with your transmission to deliver power from your engine to the axle that allows your wheels to rotate your wheels. Eighteen wheelers have both front and rear differentials.
Lubricating fluid inside the differential prevents heat to reach the gears, helping to maintain the life and performance of your differential.